MTV Italy – global campaign

Client need / brief

Change from music to television.

Give to the public a positive and universal message.

Concept idea

Starting from a very simple concept and a little bit of Math ( “M” = MUSIC “TV” = TELEVISION ) we put together the famous “V” sign with all the MTV’s products and faces. This has been the winning key!


– Concept Idea
– Brand concept and  design
– Promo concept
– Promo production
– Graphic element for press,
  billboards and onair
– Art and Creative direction


Art direction, account  and management
MDS – Milano design studio

Creative direction:
Fabio Berton

Video directors:
Matteo Bonifazio
Daniele Cocola

Out of Home – Maxi Billboard – Milan

A Universal, positive, transparent and loyal message. IN MTV WE TRUST!

A path through people beliefs and their unconditional love for music and brand properties.


MTV CLUB PRIVE -TI PRESENTO I DOGO – properties promotion

MTV CALCIATORI – Viral activation – web / social