CLUB DOGO live concert A.I. visual

CLUB DOGO live concert AI visual

2023 was an extremely important year in the development of AI-based video technologies. One of our main objectives was to invest in the research and development of this newborn creative field. One of the main challenges we are all facing is the transition from research and development to real production. The legendary Italian group “CLUB DOGO” returns to the scene and creates with us this fantastic collaboration that looks to the future, they do it with us in this exciting A.I. project.

Concept Idea / AI / Stable diffusion / Animation / Post production


YO CLAS! KNOWLEDGE AND AI ATTITUDE - experimental AI project

The research and development of new technologies in the A.I. field (both in the generation of images as well as video post-production) was an important moment both on the creative side as well as an investment. Keeping up with the times in this technological revolution is a key point for us. KNOWLEDGE and AI ATTITUDE is the most relevant title to describe this project completely generated in A.I. using exclusively the text-to-screen method created with Stable Diffusion.

Concept Idea / AI / Stable diffusion / Direction / Post production